What’s a Weed Junkie?

A Weed Junkie is someone who has a strong affinity to weed. The daily tokers unafraid of and undeterred by the “stoner stigma”

We’re the ultimate cannabis enthusiasts. 

We don’t give a f*ck about what others think of us because of our love for cannabis.

Weed Junkiez are not addicts, druggies, or bad people.

Weed Junkiez are regular, everyday people who handle their responsibilities, take care of business, and have a deep love for marijuana.

Weed Junkiez are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, workers, business men & women, laborers, teachers, students, and more.

We’re the people who push the cannabis culture forward by being unafraid to be who we are.

We believe cannabis makes us kinder, more patient, happier, and most of all more connected with ourselves and each other. 

We lean into the negativity around being a “pothead” by showing weed doesn’t limit our ability to function in this world, but instead enhances it.

We don’t believe cannabis is for everyone… But it’s damn sure for the Weed Junkiez.

We believe in the individuals right to choose what they consume. We believe in the power of cannabis to change the way people show up in the world for the better. We believe in you.

Want To Join the Movement?